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Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 9

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 9 - beautiful girl sexy 8 150x150

I jumped out of the bed with all the strength my legs could muster and stared at Alhaji’s lifeless body. Fear gripped me as I didn’t know what to do. Alhaji lay still on the bed with a sombre expression on his face like he was sleeping. The aphrodisiac he had taken to enhance his […]

The Runs Girl… Part 8

The Runs Girl… Part 8 - beautiful girl sexy 7 150x150

His uncircumsized phallus was as long as that of a horse, if not longer, and I wondered within myself if he would be able to penetrate me. The phallus stood erect pointing menacingly towards me. I was still staring at the Alhaji’s long phallus when he suddenly grabbed me and yanked me onto the bed. […]

The Runs Girl… Part 7

The Runs Girl… Part 7 - beautiful girl sexy 6 150x150

I was at Hilly Zander guest house by 7 o’clock pm on the dot. I went straight to the receptionist who wasted no time in identifying me. “Cindy right?” She asked beaming her professional smile at me. “Yea Cindy,” I replied. Cindy was my business name. Stella had taught me that business life was different […]

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 5

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 5 - beautiful girl sexy 4 150x150

I was in my room that friday evening a week after our exams when my phone began to ring. The number wasn’t familiar but I decided to pick. Who knows, it could be a potential client or someone important. “Hello good evening,” I greeted on picking the call. “Am I speaking with Linda Ezeagbo?” A […]

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 4

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 4 - beautiful girl sexy 3 150x150

The exams started that monday as scheduled and I was busy writing jargon in my scripts. I hadn’t been reading so there was no way I would know what to write. The students sitting by my sides didn’t help matters too as they both closed their answer booklets from my prying eyes making it relatively […]

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 3

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 3 - beautiful girl sexy 2 150x150

When I came back to our room later in the afternoon, Stella wanted to know how everything went but I refused to talk to her. This annoyed her so much and she left me alone. I lay on the bed ruminating over the events of the past night. After a while I got up, went […]

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 1

Story Of The Runs Girl… Part 1 - beautiful girl sexy 150x150

Prologue: Runs Girl is a story about Linda, a university student who in a bid to make ends meet and out of the desire to live large and be among the ruling babes on campus ventured into the business of selling her body for money… Read on and see how everything played out in the […]

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