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Nigerians are known for the love of
Education but our Educational system
is rarely something that can be put to
practise as most of the things being
taught in Nigeria schools across every
level are mostly theories. Nigeria is a country were you hang your certificate across your neck without even knowing little about your discipline.

In Nigeria you will see a Professor of
Mechanical Engineering that does not
know how to top his engine but ask
him the definition of Engine and you
will have to beg him to stop, is that
how to learn?

Education in Nigeria is living in it pass glory and as it stands it’s losing the glory too all thanks to our ill equipped graduates who have made a fool of education. Most of those who didn’t go to school now admonish
themselves for not wasting their time
on Education as most that had
education are no where to be found.

Another funny thing is love for
Education is dead most students in
tertiary institutions now go to school
for the sake of going,many have left
the course they have passion for, then the question is how will they function after school in a course they have no
passion for. They will say I will

The only way out of this is to embrace
the Asian style of Education, there is
no discipline that doesn’t have
practicals, the government should sit
down and put an end to these theories
upon theories students cram in school
and face the real deal. If we want to
develop technologically then let us
forget theories.

“Education is the best legacy” this was only true in Nigeria

🔸when Education has not been dissidently swerved from its contextual notion.

🔸when the intense vigour of ‘education’ has not cascades to the rough ground of sterility.

🔸when the excellency and eminency of ‘education’ hasn’t been fully immersed in the sea of staleness.

🔸Our Educational sector has been wallowing in a draconian sickness for a while and nothing positive has been done so far to heal it.

🔸Our education system is pre-eminently poor, school fees is looking so rich, whilst the certificate is looking so wretched and hopeless.

🔹After passing through hell in the university, graduates are then push to the labour market to find the nobody knows-job.

And someone who’s fortunate enough will find a job— a job that can’t make both-ends-meet

🔸Ours is a country where brilliancy is only awarded with a laughable prize, whilst the most beautiful/handsome walks home with either a car and cash, or an enticing prize. “O ma seo!”

🔹Despite the fact that our schools are proud of a sub-standard syllabus, let’s just forget about the fact that all what our lecturers can boast of is a rickety pratical knowledge.

🔸Juxtaposing the potency of Nigeria’s schools to its foreign counterparts we’ll know how far we’ve lag.

Nigeria’s school is lilliputian compared to the Gulliver’s of other countries school.

🔹Now in Nigeria your first-class doesn’t guaranty you a job. You’ve to be more connected than internet.

Not to bore you i think It’s high time our government revamped our ruined educational system and dilapidate the high wall of negligence that’s clouding the glory of our education.

Please return our education back to it’s prime.




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