[ADVICE NEEDED]: My Girlfriend Has Been Cheating On Me For A Year Now, What Action Should I Take

Husband cheating

A site reader is going through pains right now.
His story after the cut…..
Dear naijaname Member

What do you do to a girl, that you’ve loved and given the best of
you for two good years. But has decided to repay me in the most
wicked manner possible. For the two years that we were together,
i can stand before any deity and swear that i didn’t cheat on her.
not even once.

It took me a year to find out that this girl was seeing another guy.
And worst still, she gave me the most unreasonable and painful
reason for cheating. She told me that her reason for doing what
she did was because her mother has always told her (even before
she knew me) not to put all her eggs in one basket. I mean, isn’t
that the stupidest thing ever?!

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She actually confessed her cheating ways to me and claimed to have ended things with the other guy, and is now asking for a
fresh start. But, how can i ever trust this girl again?

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I am seriously hurting from this betrayal of trust and i am so mad
at myself for not seeing it. I love her so much, and that’s why i
need an advice on what to do..

Thanks and God bless you for your wonderful site… Cheers
Now readers please help this young heartbroken man and provide
him with reasonable advice by using the comment box.


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