Help! His Wife aways Beats Him,pls What Should He Do about this?

 Wife aways Beats Him

Hi Guys My name is UD (not genuine name), a Nigerian and i am hitched to European who is 10 years more seasoned than me. We met in Europe however got hitched in Lagos. Indeed, after our marriage, we generally have family issues and battles like each other couple, yet the issue i am having with my wife is that at whatever time we are having our little misjudging, she generally gets physical..

At first, its only a little slap to my face and some nail scratching on my body here and there. Furthermore, when this began in Europe, i will dependably attempt to leave or hold her hands to quiet her down, however appears the more i take the beatings, the more mettle and striking she turns out to be in continually hitting me amid a contention or little misconstruing with her.

As of late, we both returned to Nigeria for a business we cut down from Europe, and since we began living in Nigeria, i couldn’t hold myself any more as i have attempted so in such a variety of events to abstain from hitting her back, yet at a point i couldn’t take it any more and i needed to hit her back! in spite of the fact that not so hard, but rather like oyibos, her skin where i hit her turned purple shading and the following day everyone at our office was taking a gander at me like the fiend himself and a lady mixer…  I felt awful that i swore never to touch her again! In any case, the previous evening she came hard and fast for me once more, hitting me, tossing lights and whatever at me, and i lost it again and needed to hit her! This time a touch hard! It would be ideal if you what am i expected to do in light of the fact that i don’t feel great after this battles particularly when i need to hit her back.

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Also, some of you may ask, why are we generally fighting Well, i happens to be the provider in my family, yet my wife doesn’t comprehend why i ought to offer cash to my sibling to help him in his business or pay for another home for my mum. She said my family is excessively apathetic and they ought to go and battle for themselves. My family is all i had and i feel obliged to help them even as i have a joint business wander with my wife and we run same record, along these lines figures out whenever i give them cash.

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My sibling was the person who helped and paid for my studies in Europe when his business was moving fine… now i feel i need to bolster him too in light of the fact that he has a few issues with his business, however my oyibo wife won’t know about it and therefore prompts our battling and she getting physical with me.. If you don’t mind fellows, encourage me what to do on the off chance that you are in my shoes… just developed exhorts required. Much appre

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