T.B Joshua Heals Woman With Full Body Disease [Photo]


During the live service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations a woman with a body disease came for healing and she was captured during her healing with the Man Of God TB Joshua stretching out his hand to her and she was Totally healed from the deadly disease .

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  1. Science Watch;
    Wow ! Wow ! Once again Science is put to shame. View The TB Joshua 2016 Korea miracles on YouTube and Dstv CH360. The evidence that GOD “so loved the world” cannot be disputed. What greater modern day evidence of GODS love for the world through Jesus Christ.
    Science has brought is much suffering through medicine and Evolution. Look at the powerful, practical solutions Jesus is demonstrating in 2016.

  2. Critics eat your cruel hearts out ! ! !
    Scoan’s power with the holy Prophet TB Joshua is unstoppable !!
    He is just the greatest living and verifiable prophet on earth now.
    Another unique aspect of God’s Renowned global evangelist, P.S. Upthegrove’s message has to do with his God given revelation that Prophet T.B.Joshua is one of the twelve end-time prophets in the world. This is a rare confirmation. Apostles, the world over, are several millions, but God knows exactly the gifts He gives to each individual, if they actually are called! The end-time prophets are bound to face opposition, sometimes vicious, dangerous, poison-edged and evil-laced challenges and criticisms, the kind which T.B. Joshua has been exposed to over the years.
    The critics, forget that the Creator needs no approval from the humans to call His servants. Many of Prophet T.B.Joshua’s vicious critics have never stopped asking for T.B. Joshua’s help with mentorship, church membership and pastoral training and confirmation. To them, the mentorship of God is insufficient. It is as if they demand that God should come physically to anoint Joshua, even when the fruits from his ministry demonstrate HE is clearly the centre of his ministerial commitments. Critics question the use of the Anointing Water and stickers; they query the stretching of hands and even the use of the word ‘Emmanuel’. They are not satisfied that the true work of God is being done in the midst of people from all corners of the globe – America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

    God’s General, C.S. Upthegrove, who had successfully pastored AA Allen’s church as a minister, was also encouraged by the ministration of the wise men in the church. He recounted how seeing such power demonstrated reminded him of all he had witnessed through ministers of God such as Oral Roberts, AA Allen, William Branham and RW Shambach who he had the privilege to work with and know personally.
    God had told the church – through Renowned global evangelist P.S. Upthegrove – that T.B. Joshua is one of His prophets, one through whom God would use to give people from all over the world their deliverance, blessings, healings and salvation. He said God uses anything to touch the lives of people – sticks, stones, shadows and even dead men’s bones. That T.B. Joshua has been using water to do likewise is within with God’s ability to be present in every matter of nature. The Anointing Water has been successfully used over the years to tear the kingdom of satan apart and als set people free from bondages and fasten people’s expectations on God.

    Renowned global evangelist P.S. Upthegrove told the congregation that AA Allen had actually described The SCOAN to him, so graphically, prophesying that God would sustain his life to conceived.see the fulfilment of his message and enabling him to meet the person concerned. He had always prayed to the Lord to give him grace to visit the prophesied church and it’s General Overseer. Allen’s vision had come in a period in which technologies such as the internet, through which many have discovered Joshua’s ministry, had not even been around.

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