Mistakes Ladies Make When In Love


This post is based on Relationship matter and created for all Females we will be discussing about what  Females nowadays are doing just to get money and riches.
Some ladies has experience it in the past which leads then to what us very bad and damages there career.

Below are how ladies get Guys on social medias Especially on Facebook  and fall in love with them all because of money.

This is what Exciatly  Females did to Get men
1.They add him on Facebook: When a female sight a male that is very rich ladies always find them in Facebook and add them Up.

You check his photos: Thy also check his photo to see how sweet he will be and how awesome he his.

He Drives A Range Rover Sport 2015.: On this Photos they will Noticed what Car hr ride and how expensive it is .

•He confirms: He Confirm the Friend request in Facebook.

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•He inboxes you : After he Confirm the Friend and request he will need to check who she is and how beautiful she is and they very moment the guy inbox the lady .

She reply, all excited .
She Will want to hook up
•He set a date .
•She dress up on that Legging Wit No underwear.
•Smell good with that expensive perfume
•She put on a make up – fresh breath &
new weave
•He takes you for lunch @ Hotel Africana .
•He Takes you for Drinks At Nandos
•Both if them have a Good  time .
•He rubs your hand ,
•Makes you laugh ,
•Gives u look & smiles.
•U fall in love
•It’s lyk u’ve known him 4eva.
•He takes u to his apartment .
•He makes u feel comfortable & lays u on his
•Kiss u passionately.
•U luv his aggression,strength,power & you give in
•It feels good
•U know it’s wrong ,but it feels good
•U ask 4 protection,he says it’s too late.
•U obey & don’t disturb .
•He says he love u
•& u don’t hesitate to say u love him too
•after, he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water .
•He helps u drink it,ohh man.
•U feel special .
•”He must be the 1 “, u think 2 yourself
•U’ll get dressed .
•He takes you to the taxi park.
•He kisses u on d chick & says
•”I had a great time,”
•Gives you Money 100,000  • U smile & say
•”See u tomorrow babe ” .
• He stays silent .
•Ur taxi drives away ,
•In d taxi u can’t stop smiling .
•U get home & inbox him that u got home safe .
•He is online,but doesn’t reply .
•It’s unlike him,so u inbox him again .
•He doesn’t respond.
•Minutes later u can’t find him on ur friend list .
•Days,weeks,months passes by.
•U start feeling sick,weak,loose weight,act
strange with sores in ur mouth.
•U go to the clinic.
•Get tested.
•Minutes later,
•Nurse walks in.”I’m sorry.You’re HIV Positive &
Pregnant !
•”.HOW ?”
•U don’t understand .
•Reality hits u.
•U walk home.
•U go 2 d taxi Park.
•U lay,hopeless,emotionless.
•U see death coming nearer.
•U look in2 d sky & mumble a prayer.
That’s the end of you.
Don’t be that girl ! Live well. Stop Chasing
Material Things
Be A Girl You Want Your Daughter To Be!
Guys, don’t fool around with your destiny as a leader.

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