6 Reasons you should let your woman take control in bed

1. Great for control: Cowgirl se.x is usually the go-to move for men who want to have sex for longer. This position makes it less likely for a man to climax too soon, thereby enjoying that long, slow loving that we all love.

2. Her orgasm: Women are more likely to achieve orgasm in this position. Not only is it in their power to move fast/slow depending on how they are feeling it, it also leaves the clitoris available for stimulation, by either her or you. This is the hottest spot to touch to get her to cum.

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3. The visuals: Men are turned on by what they see. Is there anything hotter than a girl who straddles you and shakes her lady lumps as she rides you to bliss?

4. Lazy boy: Are you feeling less-than-energized, then cowgirl is the way to go. You can lie/sit back and relax while she does all the work.

5. Eye contact: If you get hotter by catching the eye of your partner, then you should try this. It is a pretty amazing feeling when your woman rides you while maintaining eye contact

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6. She is boss: Sure, men may like to take control, but some men will tell you it is so damn hot when a woman takes over. She makes all the decisions and you can clearly see how much she desires you by the way she rides your nak*ed body.
What are you waiting for? Go grab your lady and let her use you in whatever way she pleases.


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