5 Strange Habits of the Rich and Famous

“Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness
didn’t know where to shop.” – Anonymous

In a recent post, we talked about how being broke can be a
blessing. As true as the post’s lessons were , they don’t change
the fact that nobody wants to be broke, not now or ever. The
perks of living the rich and fabulous life are far too tempting, from
doing things at your own pace to having a lot of nice, fancy stuff.

However, there is a price to pay to become and stay rich the legit
way. If it’s not the time spent working, it’s the energy invested in
doing non-conventional things. With the Lagos Marathon
happening this weekend, it just might involve a lot of work
physically training too.
Here are a few habits of the rich and famous to possibly learn
from if you have hopes of walking in their shoes someday:

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1. They hardly watch TV: There is just no time for such with
these people. Even if they do, it would be for an hour at
most, one spent watching programmes on how to double the
money already made.

2. They go over their life goals daily: While the rest of us
are worrying about trivial stuff, rich folk are constantly
reminding themselves of their goals and ambitions. It helps to
keep them focused in the long-haul despite life’s challenges.

3. They listen to audiobooks: They realize that reading is
for people who aren’t on the move figuratively and literally,
especially fictional books and magazines. Rich people are so
determined to stay rich that they invest in materials that are
all about self-improvement.

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4. They work out more than the average guy : They
understand that a fit body includes a fit mind, and that leads
to an even fitter bank account. You would find them
swimming around in their Olympic-sized pools, or hiking in
Europe somewhere when they manage to get some leisure

5. They don’t get much sleep: At most, you would find a
rich person getting a maximum of four to five hours worth of
sleep every single night. For instance, Donald Trump
reportedly sleeps only three hours a day to stay ahead of the
pack. That’s one-third of the normal sleeping time for most
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