5 Difference Between Being In Love And Just Attached

We find out that these days people jump from one relationship to
another, and these people always tend to be in love. Whereas
there are some that they have been single longer than two of their
relationships combined, and we ask ourselves how this people fall
in love. The thing is that i doubt this is really love. Most people
have the fear of just being alone and they just hook up
immediately there is any break up, this is definitely not love but
attachment. This is just to know if what you call love is a waste of
time or its just an attachment.


1. Love is passionate; attachment is disturbing : When
you really do love someone and there is a break up you tend
to feel all sort of uncomfortable experiences like rage,
bitterness, lust, you get extremely passionate about the fact
that this person is leaving your life. But when its just an
attachment all you feel is anxiety, relieve and there is always
this peace of mind and a voice comes to you like ‘AT LAST’.

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2. Love is selfless; attachment is self centered : When
you really do love a person you tend to put the persons needs
first before any other person, even before your own needs and
all you think about is making the person happy. When its
attachment then you get so self centered and all you care
about is all what you want and all what you need not even
caring about the persons needs and how the person feels. Its
just always about you only.

3. Love is hard; attachment is only difficult when you
apart : Love is passionate, emotional and fragile. When you
really love someone its usually hard, hard in sense that when
you really the love the person you have to really work hard to
keep up wit the relationship, calling and all sort of
relationship duties. When its attachment you only miss the
person when you apart, because you get all lonely and all and
no one to sleep with.

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4. Love is timeless; attachment is timed: When you love
someone you don’t think of break up, you never get tired. All
you think of is your future with the person and you ready to
take the relationship to any extent. The love becomes
timeless. When its attachment you get really tired after a
while and begin to find faults in your partner, you believe or
think the relationship is a burden and start waiting for it to
come to an end.

5. Love is freeing attachment is possessive: Where love
really exist in a relationship there is what we call freedom.
You love and trust your partner so much that you give him or
her space and not always choking. You allow your partner to
relate with your friends and your enemies and still feel so
comfortable. When its just attachment you get too
possessive, you really don’t trust your partner and you start
investigations. This is not love.

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