3 Surprising Ways to Handle Stress


With all that’s been going on in Nigeria, ranging from Lassa fever
to the economy’s many woes, it’s not uncommon to feel stressed
out and helpless. Professional and personal productivity is steadily
on the decline in many circles, and as if that isn’t bad enough, we
have a number of health repercussions to worry about too.

So what is a stressed out Nigerian to do? The experts have a wide
range of remedies for us to choose from, drinking less alcohol,
sleeping more, etc. Read on for other overlooked techniques to
add to the list, tips that could actually make a huge difference if

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1. Manage your time wisely: Newsflash – you don’t have to
do everything yourself! You have so little time and so much to
do because you’re doing it all alone. Freely delegate life’s
tasks, asking for help from close friends, colleagues and
other individuals who are fit to assist. Prioritizing things is
also a great way to manage your time better, something to
adopt consistently now and in the future.

2. Refuse to be a Yes-Man: Here is some additional food for
thought – you might actually have a lot to do because you’re
taking on other people’s burdens. Your stressors are bad
enough, don’t add to them if you’re truly unable to or are just
too busy. You will end up not giving your best to what has
been asked of you, wasting not just your time but the
individual’s as well.

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3. Avoid perfectionism: It is impossible to expect everything
to happen flawlessly. You are human after all, and live in a
failed world. Be open to embracing mistakes and issues when
they do happen, and moving on from them. Also stay
committed to finding the silver lining in every situation, and
enjoying your life to the fullest.
With these in mind, do stay stress-free!

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