10 health tips that will change your life


More one ages, the more our body we annoys with small
details, of bobos by ci, pain there etc. But let us not
fatalistic, the body is a machine, and there is full of
tricks that it obey us, and he understands a little better
who is the boss. Throat who scratches his arm numb,
here are 10 tips for Taming the flesh

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1. Treat a gorge which scratches
when your throat itchy you, you simply scrape
the ear to make disappear the discomfort. In effect, “when the
nerves of the EAR are stimulated, this creates a reflex in the
throat that can lead to a muscle spasm” explains Scott
Schaffer, president of a center specialized in the New Jersey. ”
This spasm will alleviate the merriment”. On the other hand, if
your ear itches you, you should not put a finger in
the groove, it does nothing.

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