Top 9 Ways We Expose Our Eyes To Danger

Top 9 Ways We Expose Our Eyes To Danger - 57871f7680d93cab120c090d2b91397f.514x278x1

Nothing can be more true than the saying that the eye is the light
of the body without which it is practically impossible to fully
appreciate our world. Consciously or unconsciously, many of us
indulge in several harmful habits that take a heavy toll on our
eyes and consequently compromise our vision. Little wonder
research has shown that about 285 million people globally are
visually impaired and 14% of them are totally blind. However, this
shocking statistic can be reversed as we shun some dangerous
habits that are inimical to our vision as discussed below:

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1. Smoking
Cigarette smoking spells doom for every body organ without
excluding the eyes. According to research, smokers are four times
more likely to suffer from permanent blindness than nonsmokers
and they expose people around them to some risk as well.
Smoking may lead to important causes of blindness such as
cataracts, macular degeneration and retinopathy by damaging the
lens, macula and retina respectively. In addition, tobacco impairs
the production of tears necessary for eye lubrication and
maintaining healthy eyes.

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