Must Read!! These 20 Things Will Improve Your Life

Must Read!! These 20 Things Will Improve Your Life - Good Life 600x337 1

Have you been looking for a way to improve you Lifestyle??

Here are 20 things you ought to do that could help improve your life:
1.) Befriend a successful person and take him/her to lunch

2.) Find a mentor and do what he/she says

3.) Start a date night with my spouse

4.) Write one page per day of my novel(if you are a writer)

5.) Exercise to relieve stress

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6.) Read a book about selling

7.)Start a networking meeting weekly

8.) Do something kind to someone every day

9.) Read a positive development book for 30minutes per day.

10.) Plan the next day before you quit for today

11.) Listen to an instructional audio tape in your car

12.) Watch 60minutes less television

13.) Refuse to gossip. Speak only positively of others

14.) Write a thank you note to someone everyday

15.) Save at least 10 percent of your income

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16.) Refuse to buy anything on credit that you cannot pay for in cash

17.) Create one multiple source of income per month

18.) Attend a mastermind group once a week

19.)Work on your goals every day

20.) Most of all, Pray

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