romantic way to get a woman to bed

#1 Get close to her.If you want to s’educe a girl, the first thing you need to do is get to know her better. Don’t come on too strong or she’d feel threatened or find you too easy to get, and may get bored of you.

Talk to her and get to know her better. Text her now and then, and be warm and friendly. Don’t hit on her just yet, but don’t behave like a doormat either.

#2 Be likeable.This is a pretty important stage. And this is where you can actually tell if she’s warming up to you or shrinking away from you.

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As you talk to her now and then, try to get to know more about her and the things she likes. Text her or talk to her frequently, and try to bond over something both of you find interesting.

If the things you say seem to be working its magic, she’d start to enjoy your chats and your texts and keep in touch with you. But if you come across as a bore, she may start to distance herself from you. She may avoid responding to your texts, or she may take hours to respond to you. And eventually, she may just get bored and avoid you completely.

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If you ever notice that she takes a while to get back to you, you really need to talk about something else to keep things interesting.


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