OMG – See 2 Nigerians to be executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking

Here are profiles of the 2 Nigerians who are to be executed in Indonesia for medications trafficking.
Martin Anderson:  Martin Anderson (above) was captured in Jakarta in 2003 on a charge of having around 1.8 ounces of heroin and was blamed for being a piece of a nearby medication ring. He had made a trip to Indonesia on a fake Ghanaian travel permit and has been mistakenly distinguished as Ghanaian. He was sentenced to death in year 2004. As indicated by his legal advisor,who like numerous Indonesians utilizes one name, Mr. Anderson was shot in the leg amid his capture — a strategy the Indonesian police are now and then known not when catching a suspect — and stays irritated by the injury right up ’til today. He has been in poor spirits since being exchanged to Nusakambangan Island for execution, Mr. Kusmanto said. Mr. Anderson has petitioned for a legal survey of his conviction and capital punishment with the Preeminent Court, yet his attorney said he dreaded the court would not consider the request until after he is executed. Such advances can take six months to be listened, Mr. Kusmanto said. “Clearly we trust its sooner.” Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise, 47, Nigeria – Sneaking Heroin Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise’s story as his wife lets it know, is like those of different Nigerians on Indonesia demise column for medication trafficking. Unemployed in Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest city, he was attracted to Pakistan by individual Nigerians on the guarantee of work with great wages. Yet, once in Pakistan, rather than an occupation. he got an offer to swallow a few cases – loaded with goat horn powder, his wife, Fatimah Farwin, says he was told – and fly to Indonesia. “They said they would not like to pay charge on it,” Ms. Fatimah said. “When he touched base at the airplane terminal in Jakarta, the police saw him – I don’t know how – they got him and X-rayed him, and they discovered it and it was medications.” Captured in year 2001, Mr. Nwolise was indicted the next year of bringing 2.6 pounds of heroin into the nation, and was sentenced to death. Amid his trial, as indicated by Ms. Fatimah, Mr. Nwolise had no interpreter, and his Indonesian attorney could scarcely speak with him. She said that a judge, through a delegate, offered to sentence him to jail as opposed to death on the off chance that he paid a reward of 200 million rupiah, worth about $22,000 at the time. “In any case, he was only a poor messenger. He didn’t have any cash,” Ms. Fatimah said. Ms. Fatimah, who is Indonesian, met Mr. Nwolise in jail in for 2007, when she was going hand in hand with a companion who was going to another detainee. The two wedded soon thereafter; they have following had two youngsters, now 5 and 3, however she has not conveyed them to see him since they were babies. She has let them know that their dad is working in an office in another nation. In January, the Indonesian police denounced Mr. Nwolise of running a medication syndicate from jail. No charges were brought, yet Ms. Fatimah, who says decidedly that her spouse is guiltless of the allegation, trusts it brought about his being set in the gathering of detainees now confronting unavoidable execution. “Some lady on the outside pointed the finger at him,” Ms. Fatimah said, alluding to a police witness, “yet when they went to his cell, they never discovered anything – never, never, never. He never had a trial and next thing, they needed to


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